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Cubanisado - A Cuban work show with happenings

April 8 - May 8


8 April - 8 May 2021 Löwengalerie Lucerne

"Cubanisado" A Cuban Work Show with Happenings

With the artists Abel Massot, Alfredo Mendoza Bullain, Chucho, Irina Cepero, Jorly Gonzalez, Jose Luis Diaz Ramirez, Leandro Manuel, Maikel Sotomayor, Pango, Raylven Friman, Roberto Noguel, Yuniel Delgado.

"Cubanisado" is the title of this Cuban work show in which a dozen Cuban artists are participating. 

Thereby you will get a representative insight into the current Cuban art. The spectrum is very broad and predominantly colorful, painted with typical Cuban intensity. All artists have graduated from an accredited art school in Cuba and have been working as freelancers ever since. The works shown are characterized by a high level of manual skill and painting technique - coupled with Caribbean joie de vivre and a great deal of imagination, they result in pictures of an artistically high standard. 

On a second level, many of these images reflect the current and often enough absurd Cuban reality, the reality of daily life, which is riddled with immense difficulties. In subtle hints, be it through the skilful choice of titles or through the facial expressions of the figures depicted, this elusive irrationality flows into the works and often leaves us pensive. It is these ambiguities which, in my opinion, make up the charm of Cuban art and touch us deeply inside.

I myself have been travelling to Cuba for over thirty years and through these many, often extremely intense, often painful, but also often overjoyed encounters with Cuban people and artists, I have long since become Cubanized myself - in Spanish: "cubanisado". I would be happy to tell you more about my experiences in Cuba in a personal conversation - and of course about the individual artists, all of whom I know personally and often for many years. Now that travel to Cuba is hardly possible I can offer you a little Caribbean time out in the Löwengalerie. Also cigar aficionados are welcome, the humidor is well filled.

Some of these artists have already been to Switzerland, such as Alfredo Mendoza Bullain, on the occasion of his exhibition "sentidos" just over a year ago, shortly before the lockdown, then still at the artecuba gallery in Entlebuch. Others will visit Lucerne this year (pandemic permitting) and present their solo exhibitions in person. From June 10 to July 8, Maikel Sotomayor will come to Lucerne again, and from August 26 to September 25, Pango will pay his respects to the Löwengalerie. I am very much looking forward to introducing these great - and at the same time very stylish and thoughtful - artists to you in person soon.

Your lion gallerist

Andi Schnelli


Lion Gallery Lucerne
Löwenplatz 6
Lucerne, Lucerne 6004 Switzerland


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